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Our community is in a serious health crisis: the hidden epidemic of opioid dependence is growing and likely affects the lives of people you know.

Opioid dependence is a medical condition that impacts almost 2 million Americans. During the past decade, however, opioids have migrated into the cultural mainstream and have put new populations at risk. This medical condition can sometimes evolve from the misuse of appropriately prescribed medications for the treatment of chronic pain and, at other times, from recreational use.

We are certified to help patients with opioid dependence, using a treatment that can be given in the privacy of our office. This medication helps retain patients in treatment and reduces illicit opioid use by suppressing withdrawal symptoms and decreasing cravings. Combining this medication with psychosocial counseling helps patients begin to rebuild their lives.

If you know someone who is affected by opioid dependence, please refer them to us for treatment. Together, we can address this growing health concern in our community.

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