Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 
7:00 AM day openings on some days, please inquire.

Dr. Rutz has recently created a personalized care practice through a program offered by SignatureMD. Through this program, he offers more personalized care to a smaller group of patients providing longer appointments and other benefits over and above what insurance already covers. It is a membership "fee" based program that allows him to reduce the number of patients that he needs to see in order to concentrate more on the personalized care of those individuals who have signed up for the program. A member’s health insurance operates just as it has in the past and the office continues to handle copays and filing as usual. If you have any interest in a personalized care program and would like to know more about the fees involved and the services provided you can contact our office at 402-483-7507 and you can also go on line to www.signatureMD.com, click on the link “For Members” and read about member benefits and new member inquiries.

Same Day Services Available!